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Ski tours in the Ötztal

The Ötztal Valley is brimming with ski touring classics: Hohe Wilde, Finailspitze, Weißkugel, Wildspitze - the list can be extended as desired. All of these peaks beyond the 3,000-metre mark are part of the Ötztal or Venter ski circuit, which is one of the most popular "Hautes Routes" in the Eastern Alps - and fascinates alpinists from all over Europe. Even a number smaller, ski tourers of all levels of difficulty will find the right ski tour for them - our ski tour tips offer an overview of all ski tours in the Ötztal including route descriptions, GPS data, altitude profiles and much more.


Mountaineering is more than sport. It is a passion.

Hermann Buhl

Ski tours in all degrees of difficulty

Nothing brings you closer to the snow-covered slopes, rocky flanks and glistening peaks, in short: to the essence of the Ötztal. Ski tours of all levels of difficulty up to the "Hautes Routes" of the Eastern Alps attract alpinists to the rear of the Ötztal. Especially in spring, they climb off the groomed slopes towards a quiet, pristine nature experience.





Our chalets & apartments in Sölden

Our chalets and holiday flats invite you to relax from everyday life. Above Sölden in the district Grünwald, with a wonderful view over Sölden you can enjoy your holiday in peace. With the Panoramaalm there is a restaurant in summer as well as in winter.

And to start the day in the morning, there are several walking paths available to you with the Panoramaweg, the Leiterbergrundweg, the route up to the Gampealm and Gampethaya and on to Hochsölden directly at the accommodation.

Enjoy your stay with us and have a look at our accommodations.