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Scenic Ötztal is the number 1 cycling destination in the Alps. Nature is surrounding us, we have passion for two wheels and are happy about everyone who shares this enthusiasm with us.

Be it Alpine pass or mountain peak, idyllic valley floor or dreamlike trail: We raise the Ötztal flag in order to promise an unforgettable cycling experience on two wheels. Our tours are perfectly signposted, all routes are well maintained and our hosts of Bike Ötztal Homes are excellently prepared. We very much look forward to all ambitious road cyclists or leisurely touring cyclists, to freeriderstrekking bikers, e-bikers and families - more precisely, we simply look forward to everyone who shares our passion for cycling.

Bike Republic Sölden

The Mecca for enduro and trail bikers

Others just build bike parks but we build the ultimate BIKE REPUBLIC SÖLDEN. Founded in 2015, we started one of the most ambitious and individual mountain bike projects in the Alpine Region - in terms of variety, welcome culture and environmental sustainability.

An entire Nation for bikers - but why? We not only wanted to create a sensational biking area but also a comprehensive biking culture from the valley floor up to the mountains, where everyone feels at home. It doesn't matter where you come from, how you look like or how you sit on your bike. The BIKE REPUBLIC is reigned by fairness, master flow - and the citizens. Here you get a passport and you also have a say. Riders rule!

What sounds like a dream for all single trail and downhill fans is reality in Sölden.

A huge network of natural trails and ecologically built lines in various degrees of difficulty plus dozens of tours, enduro routes and two pump tracks on the valley floor - embedded in the stunning scenery of the Ötztal Alps.

Variety of facets, wide terrain, different skill levels and with "Rolling" the biggest pump track in Tyrol: The Bike Republic Sölden is the hotspot for freeriders, all-mountain bikers and endurists.


The longest line 

Starting at over 2,600 m above sea level below the Rotkoglhütte, the 7 km long and demanding line leads over varied terrain down into the valley. The OLLWEITE LINE is the longest line in the Bike Republic Sölden!

Length: approx. 7 km / 712 Hm / degree of difficulty: red



The Teäre Line. 5.2 km stretch. From the middle station of the Gaislachkoglbahn. Hilly terrain. A lot of flow. 130 curves for gliding manoeuvres and elegant turns. Pleasure and fun in focus - without difficult obstacles. This unique track is therefore perfectly suited for experienced endurists as well as for beginners. According to the flow-country principle, there is little gradient, but all the more curves and waves.

Length: approx. 5,2 km / 575 Hm / degree of difficulty: red



As the name already promises, the Zaahe Line is a tough challenge with full drops, scooters and steep turns. It branches off the Teäre Line and waits to be conquered by technically experienced bikers.

Length: approx. 0.7 km / 78 Hm / Difficulty: black




The Ohn Line was laid out in a wide sector and promises a lot of flow in long, curveless sections.

Length: about 3,6 km / 377 Hm / Difficulty: blue



The GAHE LINE meanders on 7.6 km on the Giggijoch side from Sonnblick to Grünwald. The flowing route also connects the HARBE with the LETTN LINE and thus offers a total of 12 km and 1000 depth meters of pure riding fun!
Length: approx. 7,6 km / 619 Hm




The ideal line for beginners with many waves and small changes of direction. The trail, which starts near the Gaislachkogl middle station, runs almost level and is also a perfect warm-up ride. The Eebme Line changes to the Ohn Line after a short transfer section.

Length: approx. 2,1 km / 192 Hm / Difficulty: blue



The new Lettn Line leads on 1.5 km through forest, meadow and wet terrain and promises a lot of flow trail fun.

Length: approx. 1,5 km / 127 Hm / Difficulty: blue


The BROATE LINE leads comfortably down into the valley. The 1.5 km long route inspires with various fun elements. The last section before the pump track rolling is designed as an easy trail.

Length: approx. 1,5 km / 176 Hm




The Harbe Line leads pleasurably from the Giggijoch mountain station down to Hochsölden.

Length: approx. 2.2 km / 177 Hm / degree of difficulty: blue


High Alpine Flow

Single-Trails in the Ötztal

Numerous single trails - cleverly embedded in the mountain world - make the Ötz Valley one of the absolute hotspots in the Alps for all-mountain bikers & endurists. Our tip: the 25 km long panorama trail Hochsölden. Unbelievable views and the most beautiful single trails of the Alps on over 5 km with great stops for refreshments. Start your mountain adventure now.

Ötztal cycling area

Our bike and cycle tours are as varied as the valley itself: On some 63 kilometers, Ötztal presents both fascinating and varied landscapes. Wide open valley floors against steeply rising rock walls, babbling mountain brooks and the white waters rising from the Ötztaler Ache. Warm swimming lakes and high waterfalls, idyllic Alpine pastures and striking worlds of ice. You pass 5 different valley terraces between the valley entrance with its mild climate and the high Alpine regions brimming with 3000 meter high peaks in Sölden and Gurgl - or even better: you cycle past all these highlights.


850 kilometers of touring choice

Also (e)bikers will definitely enjoy the huge variety of tour options covering some 850 kilometers (and 35,000 altitude meters). The routes are perfectly signposted and scattered all over the valley. There are awe-inspiring hut and lake tours as well as bike & hike routes, tours for endurance fans or e-bikers. By the way, with a valid bus ticket you can take your bicycle (free of charge) with you from 15 stops of the valley-wide public bus line.

Ötztal Cycle Trail

But it is also worth discovering the valley along the 52 kilometer long Ötztal Cycle Trail. Away from busy traffic routes you can explore the valley's full variety. Often it leads along the Ötztaler Ache mountain brook, past sights and natural spectacles, into wild and rocky landscapes and towards idyllic places. For e-bikers there are three charging stations along the route, offering cozy rest areas that are covered.

Cycling excursion sites

A whole range of different excursion destinations can be reached perfectly by bicycle. If you stay at one of the 320 Ötztal Premium Card partner accommodations, many of the cultural attractions and leisure activities are free or discounted. There is one daily ride on all mountain lifts already included - whisking you effortlessly up to the WIDIVERSUM children's paradise in Oetz or to the James Bond pilgrimage site, 007 ELEMENTS in Sölden. Admission to the valley's museums is free - including the Tower Museum in Oetz, the Ötzi Village or the Top Mountain Motorcycle Museum at Timmelsjoch pass. Not forgetting the Water AREA 47 as well as countless swimming pools and outdoor areas - plus the mini golf course in Längenfeld.


Timmelsjoch ranks among the most scenic high Alpine pass roads, winding its way up to 2590 m amidst a spectacular backdrop of 3000 meter high peaks. Crossing the border to Italy, the road leads down to South Tyrol's Passeiertal - simply sensational!

Haimingerberg loop route

But don't worry, there are also splendid and more leisurely routes in Ötztal, such as the Haimingerberg Loop Route via Sattele - at least if you start in Oetz because the variant from Haiming is truly challenging.

Glacier road Sölden

If you want to collect more superlatives, you shouldn't miss out on the Glacier Road to Rettenbachferner as it leads up to 2830 m - the highest point in the Alps that can be reached by road bicycle.

Top training terrain

At our BIKE SPOTS spread across the valley, we have created very special offers for a wide range of bikers. For e-bikers Tirol's first eBike Park in Oetz with a practice course and uphill flow trail (from summer 2020). Cross-country riders and passionate trail bikers will find three loops of varied difficulty levels at the entrance to the valley in the Trail Center Ötztaler Höhe and everything & everyone that rolls can be found on the three pump tracks for bike surfing among kindred spirits.


Pump Track

Pump Track Rolling

It is the largest in Tyrol and is located in the middle of Sölden. The Bäckelar Pumptrack is so to speak the surfy end of the Teäre Line and is located opposite the Gaislachkogl valley station. Here you can only 'pump' fun laps, but also practice very well: The wave course is a simple but very effective training for the trails!

The pump track "Sunny" is ideal for all young bikers. Small trail loops with various obstacles demand all the technical skills of biking: from balance exercises, curve technique, braking, overcoming obstacles to small jumps, everything is trained. The short loops allow repetitive learning on the same elements and enable a fast, noticeable learning success.

In the Skills-Area the youngsters of BIKE REPUBLIC SÖLDEN can let off steam while mum, dad, coach or guide follow the kids' heroic deeds on the adjacent sun terrace. Let yourself be animated by the youngsters and dare to go on the course! The Pumptrack offers a lot of pumping fun and flow for big and small, fast and slow, old and young bikers.

EBike Park Ötz

Tirol's 1st eBikepark is located at the valley station of Acherkogel mountain gondola in Oetz and thus directly on the Ötztal Cycle Trail. From summer 2020, you can acquire a taste for e-biking on the practice course offering varied levels of difficulty - plus an Uphill Flow Trail. It's about a sense of balance, overcoming small obstacles, the right shifting, braking and cornering techniques.

Trailcenter Ötztaler Höhe

Right at the entrance to the valley, the Trail Center Ötztaler Höhe offers (e)bikers three trail loops from easy to very challenging. Cross-country riders may already know the route from other racing formats (including the Swiss Bike Cup). But there is not only the demanding and very snappy Wolf Pack Trail but also the WIDI trail, a fairly easy round for kids and beginners.