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15.01.2021 - Sledge ride in Sölden

If you are looking for a day's rest and relaxation from skiing, the quiet side of Sölden with the Stallwiesalm is also a worthwhile destination in winter.

As one of the most rustic alpine pastures in the Ötztal with the additional feature of afternoon sun, the Stallwies' (1,850 m), as the Ötztalers call their alp, is a destination for the whole year.

That means: for every single day, because the Stallwies is open almost all year round. Locals also like to make a detour to the Stallwies. The house is already 350 years old.

This hiking route is a rewarding mountain hike in the Ötztal Alps in Tyrol.

From the Freizeit Arena Sölden it goes along the Granbichlstraße (Granbichl district) to the Windachtal valley. The forest road leads through sparse coniferous forest and with every meter of altitude the views of the opposite mountain range of the Geigenkamm become more exciting.

Gradually the forest thins out and opens up onto a wide alpine meadow with old huts made of dark wood. The one with the beautiful sun terrace is the Stallwies.

In winter you can go downhill on a sledge, which can be rented at the alpine hut or you can go back on foot.

Opening glacier ski area on 25.09.2020

From today's point of view, the following lifts and ski runs will start operating on Friday 25.09.20 on the Rettenbach glacier:
- Black cutting edge I + II
  Ascent daily: 07.30 - 15.30
  last descent: 16.00
- SL Karleskogl 07.30 - 14.30
- Slope 32 Ski operation until 14.30

The following rates apply until further notice:
- Adults: € 25.00 per day
- Youth (JG 2001 - 2005): € 20.00 per day
- Children (born 2006 - 2012): € 15.00 per day
plus € 3.00 deposit for Keycard

Ticket office opening hours at the Rettenbach: 07.30 - 16.00 h

The glacier road is open daily from 07.00 - 16.30 hrs.

Free use of the Glacier Bus with valid ticket.

Free parking at Rettenbach.

The Rettenbach Market Restaurant is also open.

Online Skiticketing - The earlier the cheaper!

From the coming 2020/21 winter season, there will be a new price system for the Sölden ski area. The online prices for the ski passes are no longer fixed, as was previously the case, but depend on the date of purchase and demand.

The new dynamic pricing model offers attractive prices (up to -20%) and rewards those who secure the desired ski passes early in advance in the online ticket shop.


The best legal trail in Austria

By Christoph Berger-Schauer - https://www.lines-mag.at/fernar-trail-soelden/


Anyone who likes to ride alpine trails will have a hard time in Austria. Rarely are the fine trails high up in the mountains MTB tracks, you are fast in a grey area. If there's anything, it's usually a track suitable for the masses. Sölden now has a delicacy in its programme, Fernar Trail, which could advance to the top ranking of all technical trail riders.


The start is usually very impressive in Sölden: at 2,800 metres above sea level at the Tiefenbach glacier. This means that the Fernar Trail even trumps the Ollweite Line in terms of altitude. First of all: you should be a good cyclist and like technical riding when you start the trail after the Rosie-Mittermaier-Tunnel. Otherwise it will be a very, very long way down.


More than 900 meters of altitude difference in blocked terrain have to be conquered. Lots of rock, scree, narrow curves (some of them to move) and - at the latest when you cross the small bridge over the Petznerbach - a scenery to kneel down. Whoever complains that there is too much hype on Teäre Line & Co should look here. This is where the bike chaff separates from the biker wheat and you notice: slow, precise cycling in rough terrain is not good for many. But those who can and like it will feel immensely comfortable here. It's the kind of trail where you move at about the same speed as the hikers.


All photos (c) Rudi Wyhlidal