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Informative, useful, interesting – here, you will find all news about The Peak, Sölden, and all of Ötztal. Read on!

08.06.2019 - Opening of GAHE LINE

Tomorrow it is finally so far and another line goes into operation in Sölden.

Fast, fast means "Gahe": On the new line you can really, really let it run. However, you should be fit for the fulminant flow ride, because from Sonnblick to Grünwald you are an incredible 7.6 kilometers on the way.

The line runs right past our house and we are already curious how our guarantors like it.

07.06.2019 - Opening Timmelsjochstraße 2019

From 08.06.2019 the Timmelsjochstraße will be opened for traffic this year.

Due to the proximity to South Tyrol, it is now possible to visit the beautiful city of Merano for one day during a holiday in our house.

31.05.2019 - Construction progresses

Construction is progressing and the final phase is nearing. The outer walls and old wood formwork will be finished soon.

The chimney is also waiting to be put into operation.

07.06. - 10.06.2019 Bike Opening in Sölden

From 07 to 10 June 2019, just in time for the opening of the new bike season, the Bike Opening in Sölden will take place – an event with great highlights as well as free riding technique courses for passionate bikers. Be a part of it!

Just in time for the opening of the bike season our new trail in Sölden, the "GAHE LINE", will be opened, which passes directly by our house. So you can not only talk about Ski In and Ski OUT but also about BIKE IN and BIKE OUT.

Danny MacAskill with his Drop and Roll Tour followed by an autograph session will also be a guest at this year's opening. 

All information about the Bike Opening can be found here:


Video of our Bike Republic in Sölden:


Join us!

22.06.2019 - Ötztaler Mopedmarathon

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Bereits Kultstatus hat der Ötztaler Mopedmaraton erreicht. Auch 2019 findet der Event mit Start und Ziel in Sölden wieder statt.


Es geht los auf die 5500 Höhenmeter hohe und 238 Kilometer weite Strecke. Im Ziel kann über eine  Videowall mitgefiebert werden. Weiters gibt es während des Tages Bilder auf der Videowall.
4 Klimazonen, 2 Länder, 4 Alpenpässe und viele Zuseher am Straßenrand dürfen natürlich nicht fehlen!

01.09.2019 - Ötztal Cycle Marathon

The unrivaled Ötztaler Cycle Marathon is synonymous with the absolute highlight for the world's best hobby cyclists. Some 4000 cycling aficionados from 15 different countries will meet at the start in Sölden on 01 September 2019 - ready to conquer the classic "Ötztaler" loop course that covers incredible 238 km.

Ötztal, the Peak of Tirol, offers heaps of exhausting passages along the cycle marathon track: Four steep Alpine passes featuring almost 5500 altitude meters have to be conquered.

The marathon course travels from Kühtai (2020 m) down to Innsbruck and up again to Brenner Pass (1370 m), then down to Sterzing and uphill to Jaufen Pass (2090 m) before continuing on the queen's stage up to Timmelsjoch Pass (2509 m). Ready, steady, cycle ...


Secure your lodging with us for this climax.

Neue 10er Gondelbahn in Hochsölden 2019/2020

Die neue Gondelbahn mit barrierefreien Zu- und Abgängen wird Fahrgäste egal bei welcher Schneelage von Hochsölden aus bequem und sicher zum Giggijoch und wieder retour bringen. Das ist super für alle – ganz besonders für Nichtskifahrer, Skianfänger und Eltern mit kleinen Kindern, die oben eine Auswahl an Gastronomiebetrieben und das Anfängerareal finden. Außerdem wird es weiterhin die Mittelstation mit Ausstieg auf Höhe des beliebten Restaurants „Sonnblick“ mit herrlicher Panoramaterrasse geben.

Inbetriebnahme des neuen, technischen Schmuckstücks ist voraussichtlich für Anfang Dezember 2019 geplant.

Opening of the new holiday apartments and chalets

In autumn 2019, we will finally open our new holiday apartments and chalets. We are looking forward to presenting the latest news and highlights!